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Looking to deepen your shakespearian/ theatre knowledge all while travelling the world?
Look no further!


Shakespeare UK Educational Tour 2025
April 10th-20th

Benefits of Milwaz Tours

For Lit Enthusiats/ students

1. Rediscover the English Renaissance: • Experience the 1500s Shakespeare Globe Theatre: • Engage with the language, infrastructure, and culture of the English Renaissance. • Enhance literary knowledge, tolerance, appreciation, and empathy for Shakespearean works. • Aligns with Syllabus Objective #8: Develop appreciation for varying critical interpretations of literature through lectures and workshops. ​ 2. Critical Review and Comparison: • Study “The Taming of the Shrew”: • Compare school production with Shakespeare Globe's original staging and language etymology. • Aligns with Syllabus Objective #5: Develop the ability to critique works from different genres, periods, and cultures. 3. Engage with Shakespeare Enthusiasts: • Interact with Experts at Shakespeare Globe and Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust: • Participate in lectures and workshops on Rhetoric, Shakespeare Verse, Character Play, and Physical Movement. • Aligns with Syllabus Objective #11: Appreciate varying critical interpretations of literature. 4. Experiential Learning: • Academic and Social Benefits: • Increase interest in literary works and improve academic performance. • Enhance oral and written expression in essays. • Foster appreciation for the Shakespearean artform. • Develop social independence and team-building skills. • Engage in creative workshops at Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust.

For Performing Arts Enthusiast/ Students

1. Understanding Elizabethan Theatre: •Explore Shakespeare's work to learn about Elizabethan theatre's characteristics, conventions, and history (Syllabus objective #2). 2. Analyzing Themes and Techniques: •Study 'Anthony and Cleopatra' to understand themes, conventions, and techniques in playwriting (Syllabus objective #5). 3. Critiquing Performances: •Critique scripts, plays, and live performances at the Globe Theatre (Syllabus objective #6). 4. Historical and Contemporary Context: •Discuss the historical and contemporary contexts of dramatic and performing arts (Syllabus objective #1).

For History Enthusiasts/ Students


1. Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity: • Raise awareness and sensitivity to different cultures. • Encourage understanding of multicultural society. 1. Understanding Colonization: •Stimulate sensitivity to the Western Hemisphere's colonization history.

To unpathed waters, undreamed shores...


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