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Founded in 2015, Milwaz Productions is more than just a theatre company – we're a dynamic community on a creative mission! With our official non-profit status, we're all about transforming stages into hubs of inspiration and learning. Our name 'Milango Wazi' means 'Open Doors' in Swahili, embodying our commitment to diversity, breaking barriers, and inviting everyone to explore the boundless world of creativity.

Inspired by Isaiah 22:22, we're here to unlock human potential and craft unforgettable stories. Our visionary directors and talented Heads of Departments work their magic to create captivating shows. Our dedicated core members, 20+ strong, bring passion and precision to every production. They're joined by 50+ spirited volunteers, aged 14-35, from the stunning landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago.

At Milwaz Productions, we're not just performers – we're storytellers, dreamers, and agents of change. Through our shows, we bridge cultures, transcend borders, and unite hearts.

Come join us in this journey of boundless creativity. Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds, and together, we'll light up the stage with unforgettable moments!"

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