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About Milwaz Shakespeare Festival 2024

Pre-pandemic, our volunteer team would have actively collaborated with the Curriculum and Planning Division, Ministry of Education for our first Shakespeare Festival in 2020 which was approved and executed (Appendices II to IV refer). Now that we are able to host such large scale events again, we would love to propose a revised Milwaz Shakespeare Festival 2024, with minor adjustments, for your approval. In 2020,  twenty (20) schools and over eight hundred (800) students attended our Student Symposiums and six hundred and seventy three (673) students, across thirty-two (32) schools attended our featured theatrical plays. Thus our team was able to successfully influence the national literary youth community. 


The theme for this year’s Shakespeare Festival is “Unmasked”. During these scheduled events (described below), it’s the hope that English Language and Literature students will be empowered and motivated to pursue this pathway. 

It is our aim to:

  • expose all students to the prestigious Shakespearean art form, culture, language and society. 

  • expose students to the timeless themes of Shakespeare’s plays. 

  • deepen students’ understanding of the plot, characterization and design stage conventions of the featured  plays.

  • raise students’ appreciation for the art form as it is important to raise a generation that understands, values, and supports theater's place in society.

  • renew student’s motivation to pursue English Literature at CSEC & CAPE levels.


Registration Form

Please fill out the following form. Once submitted, you will be contacted by a member of our production team. 

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